July 10th, 2020


Art post ~ spn j2 bb the 2020 ~ Headstrong by fufaraw

I know you know what time of the year it is! :DDD
This year has wolves! Werewolves specifically! And nature. Awesome story and pretty prose. So of course you need to go read it. go go.

2020 SPN J2 BigBang Art Master Post for:

Fic title: Headstrong

Author name: fufaraw
Artist name: yanyan
Genre: gen
Pairing: Jensen and Jared
Rating: PG
Word count: 21,228
Warnings: Were transformations
Summary: Jared learns about his family and his background. Jensen and the Bell Creek Pack are there to support him as he learns to navigate a world he never expected to have to live in.
Link to fic: LJ | A03

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