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Art post ~ spn j2 bb the 2019 ~ Another Uninnocent Elegant Fall by raving_liberal

Annnnnnnnd one more!~

Please go read the story. It's awesome. :D

2019 SPN J2 BigBang Art Master Post for:

Fic title: Another Uninnocent Elegant Fall
Author name: raving_liberal
Artist name: yanyann
Genre: Fluff, alternate season 14
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 35400
Warnings: references to off-screen character deaths and Sam going full dark-side, mild violence
Summary: Feeling lonely and considering the plight of Heaven without enough angels to provide the necessary grace to keep the lights on, Jack searches throughout the multiverse for other nephilim. These nephilim would have been his “siblings” (the half-angelic children of his family—Cas, Sam, Dean, and Mary—from alternate universes) if the angels hadn’t systematically destroyed them in every dimension. One by one, Jack’s siblings appear in the bunker: Sam’s beautiful daughter, Ophelia, who falls head over heels in love with Maggie; Cas’s small and serious son, James Junior; MJ (Mary Junior), the daughter of Mary Winchester and Michael, who would have been born instead of Dean in her universe and who wields her own angel blade; Sonny, whose Enochian name is too difficult to pronounce and who is a result of Sam’s darkest possible timeline. As the family expands by unexpected leaps and bounds, and the Winchesters wrestle with parenting and their own might-have-beens, Dean and Castiel grow closer amidst the chaos. An aggressively positive alternative season 14.
Link to fic: AO3

Art crossposted to tumblr: here

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