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Art post ~ spn j2 bigbang 2018 ~ Turnabout by roxymissrose

And one more for your must-read-list and pleasure by roxymissrose
Sam and Dean raised apart is a guilty pleasure, but a fic based on one of the early concepts Kripke had for the show is something I wanted to read since the first time I heard of it. And here it is!

Title: Turnabout
Author: roxymissrose
Pairing: R
Rating: Sam/Dean
This story mines Kripke's original idea for SPN, that had the boys raised apart, and Sam thinking his brother was a serial killer. Dean comes for Sam at Stanford—it goes differently, but ends with basically the same results, with rather different feelings on both their parts. Another difference: their first case is the Shtriga, not the wendigo.
Warning: Dean smokes in this fic. He also is tattooed, has a few minor piercings. Sam is Sam, but not nearly as BAMF as we know him. Main characters include Missouri Mosely, Bobby Singer, and a demon Jess. Locations include Missouri's home, Bobby's home, motels. The tiny bit of case involved is based on the Shtriga episode, Something Wicked

Warnings: None.

Link to fic: LJ

Tags: art masterpost, big bang master post, sam&dean, spn_j2_bigbang

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