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Art post ~ spn j2 bigbang 2018 ~ Ordinary Magic by storyspinner70

Annnnd, hello again! This time a hilarious and heart-tearing story by storyspinner70
If you haven't yet, go say hi and read. And then re-read because you know you want to

Fic Title:
Ordinary Magic
Author: storyspinner70
Pairing: Sam/Dean

Summary: The day started like any other, but ended with Dean having to save his brother from the evil clutches of – fairies? All Dean wanted was some beer after a rough day. What he ended up with was his brother pregnant with his child (in a world where men can’t get pregnant). This started them on a journey they weren’t sure they would survive intact. Constant brotherly bickering, a haunted house that landed Sam in the hospital, a hunt where Dean was assisted by some sort of creature he’d never seen, and general panic at the upcoming birth of their child nearly tore the brothers apart when even heaven itself had failed. Could a world survive if the Winchesters hated each other? Or will they finally discover what it is they both truly want?

Warnings: top!dean, bottom!sam, mpreg, brief mentions of suicide attempt and ideation, wincest, language, explicit sex, non-graphic birth, angst, magic, fae and other creatures.

Link here: AO3

I went traditional! Well, a mix. The fey and pixie are primaly made in watercolor on paper, then edited and added a bit digitaly.
The book is fully digital.

The font is free, pretty pretty "Stonehenge" found here. Sadly not my own this time either.

Tags: art masterpost, big bang master post, sam&dean, spn_j2_bigbang

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