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[sticky post] Random Rec List


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And one more for your must-read-list and pleasure by roxymissrose
Sam and Dean raised apart is a guilty pleasure, but a fic based on one of the early concepts Kripke had for the show is something I wanted to read since the first time I heard of it. And here it is!

Title: Turnabout
Author: roxymissrose
Pairing: R
Rating: Sam/Dean
This story mines Kripke's original idea for SPN, that had the boys raised apart, and Sam thinking his brother was a serial killer. Dean comes for Sam at Stanford—it goes differently, but ends with basically the same results, with rather different feelings on both their parts. Another difference: their first case is the Shtriga, not the wendigo.
Warning: Dean smokes in this fic. He also is tattooed, has a few minor piercings. Sam is Sam, but not nearly as BAMF as we know him. Main characters include Missouri Mosely, Bobby Singer, and a demon Jess. Locations include Missouri's home, Bobby's home, motels. The tiny bit of case involved is based on the Shtriga episode, Something Wicked

Warnings: None.

Link to fic: LJ

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Annnnd, hello again! This time a hilarious and heart-tearing story by storyspinner70
If you haven't yet, go say hi and read. And then re-read because you know you want to

Fic Title:
Ordinary Magic
Author: storyspinner70
Pairing: Sam/Dean

Summary: The day started like any other, but ended with Dean having to save his brother from the evil clutches of – fairies? All Dean wanted was some beer after a rough day. What he ended up with was his brother pregnant with his child (in a world where men can’t get pregnant). This started them on a journey they weren’t sure they would survive intact. Constant brotherly bickering, a haunted house that landed Sam in the hospital, a hunt where Dean was assisted by some sort of creature he’d never seen, and general panic at the upcoming birth of their child nearly tore the brothers apart when even heaven itself had failed. Could a world survive if the Winchesters hated each other? Or will they finally discover what it is they both truly want?

Warnings: top!dean, bottom!sam, mpreg, brief mentions of suicide attempt and ideation, wincest, language, explicit sex, non-graphic birth, angst, magic, fae and other creatures.

Link here: AO3

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Annnd back again!

Fic Title: Flickers Upon Cordellera
Author: cyandrarae
Pairing: J2

Summary: coming soon

Link here: AO3 / LJ

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Get some popcorn, a drink of your choice because this is novel length... and worth it. :D

Fic Title:
Catching Hell
Author: deedwithoutname
Pairing: Sam/Dean (unrelated)
Genre: wincest
Raiting: M/R

Word count: ~110,000

Summary: Sam Winchester is, perhaps, the greatest asset to the hunting community. His research, advice, and insight has reached countless hunters and solved innumerable mysteries. His life is solitary, but useful. That changes, however, with the delivery of a captured Knight of Hell who calls himself Dean.

Link here: fanfiction.net / LJ

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Anyone up for some sci-fi? Take a look at this one. It's awesome! :D

Fic Title: Changing Phases
Genre: RPS
Pairing: J2
Raiting: NC-17
Word count: 21k

Decades into a new era and space is no longer the world's new frontier. But after otherworldly aggressors prove too much of a threat, the Earth shuts itself away, raising an invisible wall between it and the universe at large.
Jared and Jensen are both products of their time, and they fight to make their mark in the Earth's military forces. But they learn soon enough that the greatest threat of all might not be the one up there in the sky.

Link to fic: livejournal / AO3

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It's that time of the year again! You know which time I'm talking about! spn_j2_bigbang 2015.

You knew it was comming. And this time it's a little outside of my ususal pairing. Just a bit. And you're maybe going hmmm, when you see which it is, and think it's not for you, but I'm telling you to try it anyway! Go read!

TITLE: Anagram
PAIRING: Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki/Tahmoh Penikett. Jensen/Tahmoh.
WORDS: 42000
WARNINGS: Explicit Sex. Threesome Sex. Voyeurism. UST. Eventual three-way relationship. Bisexual character [Jared]. Other pairings include Jensen/Other [past] and Jared/Jensen [imagined].

SUMMARY: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles met in college, two English majors who eventually became inseparable. Their friendship led them to accept teaching positions at the same private high school. Nothing could come between them until Jared—unable yet to come to terms with his own bisexuality—decided to set Jensen up on a blind date with his handsome gym-buddy Tahmoh Penikett, a former Olympic swimmer turned coach. Through falling in love, pulling away, and more than their fair share of sexual tension, the three men need to figure out a way to coexist together before their individual relationships crumble for good. Like an anagram puzzle, there might just be more than one way to fix this unexpected love triangle.

Link to story: LJ / AO3
Link to spn_j2_bigbang masterpost: here

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For the Hobbit Big Bang @ hobbitstory

Fic Title: Your soul calls me to your side
Author: romennim
Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing(s): none
Warnings: none

Thorin has wondered if he'll be blessed with a soulmate like his sister, but when Smaug attacks Erebor and forces its people to flee for their lives, he's almost relieved he doesn't have one.

When he's finally beginning to settle in his new life, though, a connection blossoms alive in his mind: his One is born. Although curious, he forces himself to wait.

However, when, years later, he feels his soulmate in pain, nothing will stop him from looking for his One and finding out why they are suffering.

Link to story: AO3 / LJ

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See me branch out into the Hobbit fandom!  :D
For the Hobbit Big Bang @

Fic Title: The Ghost And Mr. Baggins
Author: perkynurples (AO3) / bilboo (tumblr)
(one of the big names in the Bagginshield fandom, take note if you ever wander off there)
Fandom: The Hobbit
Words: >50,000
Pairing(s): Bagginshield (Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield)
Warnings: None

Summary: They say that everything can be cured by saltwater - sweat, tears or the sea. Bilbo Baggins chooses the last option, taking his recently orphaned nephew and moving to the charming Oak Cottage, overlooking England’s grislier shores. The house charms him instantly, and though he knows nothing at all about the sea, or about making ends meet on his own so far from everything he’s known his whole life for that matter, he’s quite determined to stay, and see his nephew get better, odd sounds in the night be damned. He’s living in a modern world, after all, and the nonsense he’s been hearing about the house being haunted by its former owner, the mysterious Captain Durin, is just silly superstition… isn’t it?

The Hobbit Big Bang is kinda a free-for-all, so there were a few other artist working on this story, go check their work out!

evil-bones-mccoy (tumblr)
ineffablemess (tumblr)

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crossposted on my tumblr griffonskies
Annnnd my second reversebang! This one written by THE morrezela (can you tell I'm a fan of her work? y/y?)

Fic Title: God of the Herds
Author: morrezela
Fandom: SPN RPS
Words: 4,357
Pairing(s): J2 - AU
Rating: PG
Warnings: None

Summary: There were gods who weren’t content with their powers or domain. Jensen was not one of those. His discontent stemmed only from the fact that he had spent years without meeting his foretold lover.

Fic Link(s): LJ

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